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Relatability: Creating a Persona

Persona in narrative nonfiction. Continue reading

Perfecting an Ending


Crafting an ending that packs a punch. Continue reading

Forcing Drama on a Story

Let the story do the telling: you don’t have to force the drama. Continue reading

3 Techniques Creative Nonfiction Borrows From Fiction

What separates creative nonfiction from straight-up nonfiction. Continue reading

Structure, Details and Shaping A Sprawling Long Form Feature

The first question that needs to be addressed with a long form piece is structure. Continue reading

Behind The Scenes


Pulling back the curtain on the editorial process. Continue reading

The Oldest Trick In The Book


Lauren was trying to get inside this story with metaphors and descriptions of abstract concepts, sort of swirling in an emotional whirlpool around the story instead of getting into the thick of it. Continue reading